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The aim of this group is to provide an alternative space to other currently-existing FB groups for foreigners in Istanbul .


We hope that in the future, inshAllah, that this space will not just be a place to share news of English-language Islamic events,


While this is a space that is mostly open to the participants here to use these as they see fit, there are a couple of rules


The future of Palestine represents.

Emergency lecture on Palestine and the Deal of the Century with political analyst and legal expert Hassan Imran.

Navigating Strategic Futures

New fikr series coming soon! What are subject matters you think are in need of addressing? 

Big thanks to Akademi Beyoğlu!


Book Club

reading the first third of Asad’s Road to Mecca

Web Building

learn how to build website by a simple way witout any complicated and join us in workshops

Photo club

We will be exploring the neighborhood streets and trying to capture quality photographs of the street life and architecture.


Take the path less hiked and join us for the new season's first hike

Istanbul Muslim collective

A couple of hearts warmed by the holy month of Ramadan offered to break bread with their friends, a meal for two is a meal for four they said.

Those kindred spirits remembered the mercy of Allah SWT in the Süleymaniye gardens, prayed side by side in itʼs magnificent mosque and at the word of mouth assisted an orphanage in the Balkans[Link to happenings].

The passing weeks would bring their purposes and hearts together.


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