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We’re very proud that the first book we read at IMC was this man’s autobiography. A highly recommended read by Imam Omar Suleiman on this 55-th anniversary of his martyrdom

“And even in those claims to Malcolm as a symbol, Malcolm himself in the fullness of his identity is erased. In championing his movement’s philosophy, some seek to secularise him, intentionally erasing his Muslim identity. And in championing his religious identity, others seek to depoliticise him. This was a tension that Malcolm noted in his own life, saying: “For the Muslims, I’m too worldly. For other groups, I’m too religious. For militants, I’m too moderate, for moderates I’m too militant. I feel like I’m on a tightrope.””

We had such a productive meeting today with our friends who joined the book club.

We talked about Malcolm X, his life and work and how he continues to inspire others day today!

Wanna join the club? Let us know!

Big thanks to Akademi Beyoğlu for providing the amazing space