Get real hosting and log in to many of them

Learn how to get hosting step by step

firstly when you need to get hosting you need to see the features of the host so we gonna get from

look at the features in the image

Features of the hosting

Cpanel  ,

 Daily backups ,

 CDN (we gonna talk about it ) ,

 FTP (file transfere protocol ) to transfere your domain from another host to this host if you have another domain on another host ,

SSL (security )

24/7 support its so important 

email business 

1-click wordperss install and many of them 

Firstly you need to check your domain is it available or not

click here to go to namecker site and check your domain 

fastcomt hosting
first vedio 100%
sitground hosting
second video 80%
godaddy hosting
third video 70%

now get host step by step

click here to go to fastcomt site

Complete the process by checking your email and install wordpress

click here to go to fastcomt site

some of cpanels like siteground and godday so lets start with siterground

click here to go to siteground site 

see the dashboard of godaddy and know how to login and install wordpres

click here to go to godaddy site