How to install localhost on your device

How to create localhost on Xampp server //on your device //

Xampp : XAMPP is local web development environment ,(local server) that you can install wordpress on your device 

  1. for windows version :

download Xapmpp sofeware  , install it

download wordpress  inside xampp’s path /htdocs

c:/ xampp/htdocs /your wordpress file

and start install it

create your databsase by write  follow the video to understand everything 


new => your database name 

and type of your database 

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For mac version

Go to download the latest version of mamp  for Mac click on the photo above to go to official site or from here 

click on start to work MYSQL and Apache

open your browser and write  localhost:8888

open database phpmyadmin

click on open webstart page on your mac as you see below 

click on tools =>phpmyadmin

on your database and create new one 

Step 4: Download WordPress to your PC

You next need to download WordPress onto your computer. Go to the Download page of and click the Get WordPress > Download WordPress button.


install it on the same path of MAMP programe

 MAMP => htdocs

The name of this WordPress folder will be included in the URL of your local WordPress install (i.e. localhost/wordpress). You can rename the folder (and consequently the URL) to anything that works for you. For instance, I renamed this folder to imc.



Install WordPress Locally on your Windows PC

The last step is to install WordPress on your local server. Type the URL of your local WordPress site into your browser’s address bar. I used the localhost/imc URL,  If you haven’t renamed your WordPress folder, type in localhost/wordpress.

You will then need to fill in some information about the new database you have created. You will need to define…

  • Database Name – This is the name you chose when setting up the new database for your test site in phpMyAdmin. For instance, I used imc as database name in our example.
  • Database Username and Password – Both the username and password are root. This info can be found on the MAMP installation page in the MySQL section (as discussed earlier).
  • Database Host – This is localhost. Again, this info can be found on the MAMP installation page.

then click on Run installation 


You will need to provide some details about your test site. These settings can be changed later on if needed, so don’t worry too much about your site title, username, and other details at this stage. Then click on Install WordPress.


As you can see, installing WordPress on a local web server is a relatively straightforward process. By following  steps, you can quickly and easily install MAMP, set up a database for your test site, and download and install WordPress. Then, you can start to design your new website, test existing sites, or just have fun creating with WordPress. Enjoy!

In case you didn't get it watch this video