install a new theme

how to install a new theme

befor install any theme you should to remove the old fills from the old one so follow up these video to see how to do that .

some instuctions about choose a theme

depending on you business you can choose a theme (educaion , consulting , seo , personal etc.. 

of course not each theme it has a specific cpanel (dashboard ) so if you will install theme in this article pls follow up all things step by step or you should learn how to manage your theme by practice on search on google , youtube etc…

reset the old one

in case you have old theme and would like to change it all you can see this vedio 

start building theme from scratch

create a menu by setting up your pages of your website

before start create a menu you need to plan your website like how many pages will be  , normally any website include 5 pages :

Home , about us , services , blog , contact us 

set up your pages 

and set up you menu like this in the photo