start building a website

start builind your website

this lesson you gonna see some videos about how to build your website by installing ready tamplates instead of building all website and section from scratch you just need to edit them as you gonna see that in the vedio 

1- set up a menu and arrange setting of wordpress

when you set up your menu rename the pages as you would like to set them 

2- install astra theme

in this lesson we gonna install astra theme due its free and easy to use as we said each theme it has a specific setting so if you installed a theme before you need to arrange your setting’s theme completely 

3- customize header and menu

customizing theme its so important to arrange the setting (adding logo , base web colors  , footer etc..
some of web tools in this lesson 

image color picker to get your logo’s color and set your website’s color depending on your logo 

background remove if you would like remove background from any photo you can use this tools 

4- editing menu

5- editing footer

6- set up another page //about us //

you can select whatever you want from these templates so not neccesary use the template that in the video

 on all pages i have changed those names 

7-services's page

in this video i have installed (combined )  2 of  templates and removed some of sections to be fit 

8- our project page

9-contact us

10- start editing the first section in the home page

11- editing home page and install elementor pro